Nursery | Toddlers – Birth to 5 Years
If you have preschoolers, we offer an adult-staffed nursery and toddlers church for children from birth to five.

Just a few reminders before dropping off your little one:

  • Please have your child’s diaper bag supplied with everything that he/she might need.
  • Please clearly label all of your child’s belongings.
  • Snacks will be provided each service unless requested otherwise.

If you have older children, they are welcome in our worship service.

Super Sunday –  5 through 8 Years
On the 1st and 3rd, Super Sunday’s the word! After a time of worship together through music, children age 5 through 8 are dismissed for Super Sunday! Classes are led by adult teachers. Our curriculum is “The ABCs of God”. Using the alphabet as a framework for teaching the attributes of God, this study explores the delight that God has in Himself as the source, means, and purpose of all things.This is a wonderful study for children on the greatness and worth of God.

To see more about our vision for children, click here.

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