May 10, 2017

Dear Friends,


In 1989, the Doyle, Dane and Bernbach Advertising agency in Chicago created an advertising campaign for Eveready Batteries.  The Eveready folks were upset by the Duracell claims that their batteries lasted longer.  The claim was only partly true.  What the copper top people were doing was comparing their alkaline batteries against older carbon-zinc batteries. 

 So the folks at Eveready wanted to make sure people knew that their Energizer batteries were just as long lasting as a Duracell.  Their ad agency created a campaign that is now almost 30 years old.  They introduced to the world the now famous Energizer Bunny. 

 And what is it that the Energizer Bunny does?  He keeps going and going and going…

 But as every battery purchaser knows, the Energizer Bunny does eventually give up.  His batteries die, just like all batteries do.  They last so long, and then they quit.

 That’s because of the second law of thermodynamics. 

 You remember the second law of thermodynamics, right?  German theoretical physicist Max Planck stated it this way:  “Every process occurring in nature proceeds in the sense in which the sum of the entropies of all bodies taking part in the process is increased.” 

 Got it?

 Here’s the translation: Everything is running down. Left to itself, everything moves from a state of order to disorder.

 In spite of what the Eveready people say, their batteries will die.  So will Duracell batteries.  So will everything else. 

 Well, almost everything.

 In addition to God Himself, there are three things in the universe that will never end.  Your soul.  God’s word.

 And God’s love.

 When a line of thunderstorms rolled through Little Rock ten days ago, we lost power at our house for 22 hours.  We spent the day walking through the house unconsciously flipping light switches.  There was no TV to watch.  No internet.  The ice cubes in the freezer began their slow drip, drip, drip…

 The book of Lamentations tells us “the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.  His mercies never come to an end.  They are new every morning.”

 There is never an outage.  Never an interruption.  Never even a flicker.

 Your love is different, right? 

 Mine too. 

 Mine runs out easily.  It can evaporate in seconds, often at the slightest provocation.  It ebbs if I’m tired or stressed or in a funk.  And if you’re in front of me when the light turns green, and you don’t respond in the first three seconds, beware.  Any hint of love that may have existed just went out the sunroof.  At that moment, my mercies have come to an end.

 Our love for others is a dim shadow of the kind of love God has for us.  If love was a color, God’s love for His children would be a deep, rich crimson.  Our love for Him and for each other would be a pale shade of pink.

 When you find yourself with no love left to give to a spouse or a child or an employer or an extended family member, you have a resource available.  God’s supply is inexhaustible and transferable.  When your reservoir of love is drained, He has all you need.  Meditate for a season on His love for you, poured out at the cross. You will find that as you do, your heart begins to be flooded with love. 

 Here is love, vast as the ocean, 

Loving-kindness as a flood,

When the Prince of Life, our ransom,

Shed for us His precious blood.

 As we received and revel in the knowledge that our God loves us, we are filled to overflowing with love for Him and love for others.

 And when you’re filled to overflowing, you can’t help but spill some love on others – even if they hesitate when the light turns green!

 1 Corinthians 13:8 reminds us that love never fails.  It never gives up.  It never runs out.

 When your supply is low, it’s time for a refill.  God has all the love you’ll ever need.


We have some summer plans in the works that we’ll be telling you more about soon.  But we can tell you now that we have an exclusive sneak preview of a new blockbuster movie scheduled for Sunday night, June 11.

 Okay, it’s not really a blockbuster. 

 Most of you know that I’m working on a video project called The Art of Parenting.  FamilyLife will be releasing the video series next spring.  But as part of that project, I’ve been involved in filming a feature length movie called Like Arrows:  The Art of Parenting.  It’s a story that follows a couple from their engagement through their 50th wedding anniversary.  Along the way, they face parenting challenges that send them in search of help – before it’s too late.

 Only a handful of people have seen the film. You can be part of that select group.  And we’ll see if you can spot my cameo…

 We’ll plan to meet at church at 6:30 for ice cream sundaes that night.  The Kids Small Group team will be on hand to keep the 12 and under crowd busy while we show the movie. 

 We’ll have more summer fun to announce soon.  But for now, plan to be at church on Sunday night, June 11 for Like Arrows!


Next Sunday, May 21, during our morning service, we’ll be giving you an update on where we’re headed as a church and our plan to build a building on our land on David O Dodd.

 And after church, we’ll have lunch together at church.  If your last name begins with A-L, plan to bring a main dish or a casserole.  If your name begins with M-Z, bring a family sized salad.  We’ll provide drinks and dessert. 


Our study of Romans has us exploring this week just how corrupt our own hearts are.  Spoiler alert – it’s worse than you think!


Meanwhile, dads and kids, don’t forget!  This Sunday is Mother’s Day. 

See you in church!


Soli Deo Gloria!

Bob Lepine


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