Membership in a local church is essentially a pledge or a commitment not to an organization or an institution, but to other people, to be “members of one another” (Rom 12:5).

Individuals wishing to join RCC must be commited to one another, to God’s Word, to worship, and to the mission of the church.

There are six required memberhip classes. Each class is designed to help you learn more about RCC. Typically, we try to schedule classes after the worship service on Sunday. Lunch and daycare is provided.

  • Session 1:  The RCC Story. The history, vision and distinctives of RCC.
  • Session 2: The Core. What we believe and teach as a church.
  • Session 3: Doing Life Together. What community looks like at RCC.
  • Session 4: Shalom. Living in a culture of peace and peacemaking.
  • Session 5: Send, pray, go or disobey. Participating in the mission of the church.
  • Session 6: Members of one another. What a commitment to membership means.


Online Directory
Once you become a member, be sure to join our online directory.  To join, please contact us at for a username.  For security purposes, we will set up an account for you, then email your login details to you.  Once you have an account, click the image to enter the Courtyard Online Directory login page.

Apps are also available for your phone or tablet:
Android App