Sermons by: John Majors

John Majors

After graduating from college, we began ministering through Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of Louisville. While working with college students we realized what a key role parents play in molding one’s spiritual life.

Through our experiences on campus, God burdened us with the need to strengthen families with the principles outlined in God’s word. Julie explains, “It was surprising how many spiritual problems were a result of baggage from bad family experiences.” John noticed, “Marriage is designed to model the love of Christ, but many children never see that in their homes.”

Knowing we wanted to start our marriage right, we decided to attend a FamilyLife marriage conference just one month after our wedding (in 1999). After the conference, God made it clear to us that He was moving us to minister to families.

In January of 2001 we moved to Little Rock to work at the headquarters for FamilyLife, which is a part of Campus Crusade for Christ. John began as the Personal Assistant to the President, Dennis Rainey. Currently John writes and researches for the ministry, while taking classes at Phoenix Seminary. Julie does projects on an as needed basis for FamilyLife but her focus is on being a full time mom to John Isaac, who was born in September, 2004. (You can get to know all about him in the photos section!)

It’s no coincidence that the Bible starts with a marriage and ends with a marriage. In the New Testament, marriage is often compared to Christ’s relationship with the Church. The greatest method we have to spread the gospel to the world is through the family – parents living out the gospel in front of their children everyday.

We are so convinced that God is working through FamilyLife to make a reduction in the divorce rate that we’ve committed our lives to it. Please pray for us.

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