Posts from May 2020

Posts from May 2020

May 20, 2020

Dear Friends, First up this week: A little humor. One more?  Okay, here you go.  A mash-up of all the COVID-19 themed commercials on TV these days:

May 13, 2020

Dear Friends, There are no simple answers to the dilemma we are facing today as a nation.  I wish there were. We have taken significant steps to “flatten the curve” when it comes to COVID-19.  What we feared two months ago – overrun hospitals and doctors decided who gets a ventilator and who is left to die without one – by God’s grace hasn’t happened here.  The number of people who have died from the virus is a sobering number, but not…

May 6, 2020

Dear Friends, Anyone ready to re-open?  To get back to being together? Yeah, me too.  I was thinking this week about taking my children on college campus visits when they were in high school.  I remember telling them that 35% of their college experience would happen in the classroom.  65% would happen outside the classroom.  The classroom was central and important.  But most of what they would learn over their four years in college would occur outside the classroom. I think the same is…