Leadership Staff

Leadership Staff

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Elder, Associate Pastor

Matt Gurney

Married to Jen since 2001 Children: Noah, Tucker, Taylor, Nora Profession: Associate Pastor at Redeemer Community ChurchMoved to Little Rock in 2016 Matt was born and raised in South Florida and Graduated from seminary in 2016. After 15 years of ministering to students and developing small groups as a side emphasis, God laid on my heart to pursue full time work with people of all ages in more of a church planting environment. My hope for Redeemer is that we grow together…
Elder, Teaching Pastor

Bob Lepine

Married to Mary Ann since 1979 Father of: Amy (married to Jack), Katie (married to Elliott), James (married to EA), John (married to Katie), and David (Married to Maggie).Lived in Little Rock since 1992   Bob became a Christian in 1977 while in college at the University of Tulsa. Bob says “I’m excited about what God is doing at RCC and about what He has for our church in the future as we continue to stay focused as a church on…
Director, Children’s and Women’s Ministry

Jen Gurney

Jen grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi in a home that regularly went to church and had high levels of involvement but missed some regular chances for discipleship. In her eighth grade year, Jen was led to Christ by her sister who had always been good to ask serious and deep questions about what following Jesus was really about. Jen was very involved in ministry in high school at both her church and in school. But during her junior year in…
Pastoral Associate of Student Discipleship

Cole Perkins

Married to Hannah since 2019 I was born and raised in Tampa, FL and became a follower of Jesus in middle school. Ever since then, God has given me a real heart for gospel-centered discipleship. I graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2018. My wife and I love Redeemer Community Church and its students. I only wish to see students become disciples of Jesus who make disciples for Jesus.