January 31, 2019

Dear Friends,

We’re going to make this really easy this week.

I have something I want you to practice saying out loud. At least three times. Maybe 10 times.

Ready? Here we go.


Did you say it? Out loud? How many times?

Did you flinch when you said it?

I received some great counsel last week on saying no. It came from John Majors and a blog post he wrote at the site where he and Julie both write about family, life, food, love and books.

Here is part of the wisdom John shared in the blog post.

My philosophy on saying no is that by saying no to the litany of outside things that come our way, you’re saying yes to some very important things like,

Space to create and think
Future opportunities
Your own family

You have to learn to say no in order to be able to say yes. In fact, by saying no, you’re actually saying yes as well. Just as when you say yes to everything, you’re also saying no to many other things…

I’d encourage you to read the whole post. You can find it here. It’s worth the time to read it.

And when you’re done, practice saying no out loud at least five more times.

This is a big weekend. There’s a big football game. And before that, a big family meal. Get those Crock Pots ready. It’s Souper Bowl Sunday right after church. Here are the details.

We also have a special guest speaker joining us this week. Dave Harvey is on the pastoral staff at the Summit Church in Naples Florida. He’s also the author of several books, including When Sinners Say I Do, Rescuing Ambition and Letting Go. And he’s been a guest several times on FamilyLife Today. Here’s a picture of Dave along with a link to his bio.

Dave is going to be spending time with the elders and our wives this weekend at our annual church planning retreat. And on Sunday, he’ll preach for us during our worship service.

I’m looking forward to having Dave here, to a great time of fellowship and food after church and then maybe some R&R watching some football before the day is done.

Time to get out your notebooks and dust off your ink pens. Monday night is the kickoff for the Spring Women’s Bible Study.


March 29 – 30. We’re all heading west for a 24-hour guys getaway. You in?

No Kid’s Small Group this week. Plan on next Thursday night, February 7, for the next get together for the kids.

Have you driven by the construction site for our new church home on David O Dodd road? If you have, here’s what you’ve seen in recent days.

And here’s an inside look at our new worship center.

Here are a couple of additional pictures of the worship center (see Tom Arnold in the hard hat), the parking lot area and the outside of the worship center.

Please continue to pray for the construction project, the construction workers, our new neighbors in Water’s Edge, Woodridge, Kentwood and the other neighbors up and down David O’ Dodd. Pray for the kids and teachers at David O’ Dodd Elementary and at J.A. Fair High School, both within a mile of our new home.

And pray that we will be good neighbors. Pray that we will see many people come to know and love Jesus through the work and witness of our church in this part of town.

Do you walk by faith? Do you know what walking by faith means? Dave Harvey will take us to Hebrews 11 this Sunday to help us see what living and walking by faith is all about.

See you in church.

Soli Deo Gloria!
Pastor Bob

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