June 1, 2021

Dear Friends,

Yes, I know it’s a day early.

But I wanted to make sure you knew that our parking lot picnic is on, rain or shine (we’ve paid for the Taco Truck, so there’s that…).

If it’s shine, great. We go with Plan A. Tacos. Games for kids. Fellowship. Just as planned.

If it’s rain, the Taco Truck will set up in the parking lot. And we’ll set up chairs and tables and space inside for a nice indoor get together. Same food and fellowship. Same games. Just a drier venue.

So bring your $10 for your family (all the tacos you can eat). Bring a friend (or two or three). Bring a lawn chair. Most importantly, bring your own self!

And you can pray for the showers to move along.

float the buffalo – saturday 6.12.21

Speaking of things to do, assuming the Buffalo River cooperates, our planned float trip will happen on Saturday, June 12.

If you were planning to go back in May, Pastor Matt will be in touch with you to confirm plans for the new date.

If you weren’t planning to go back in May, but you’d like to make a day of it, let Pastor Matt know and we’ll get you a canoe (or two).

Email Matt at mattgurney77@gmail.com or text him at 859-771-6581.
The Gun Lap study for – ahem – “mature” men will begin on Friday. If you emailed us to say “I’m in,” we’ll have your book for you when you arrive (if you haven’t picked it up yet). Bring your $15. If you didn’t sign up, but you’d like to join us, you can order a book online or pick one up locally and show up Friday at 10 am at the church.

Here again are all the details. As you know, I usually open this email with some thoughts or reflections on what’s going on in my life or in our world. Or I muse on a passage of scripture.

This week, I’ll let Fernando Ortega do the heavy lifting. Back 29 years ago, before most people had heard of him, he recorded this wonderful version of Psalm 1:2-3.

So click the link, take 4:04, sit back and close your eyes and listen. And take it all to heart today. When the Jewish leaders asked Jesus to tell them plainly whether He was the Messiah or not, they were not ready for what came next. When He said “I and the Father are one,” they charged Him with blasphemy and picked up stones to kill Him.

Of course what He said was indeed blasphemy – unless it was true. And that’s something they never even considered.

We’ll dig into John 10 on Sunday.

See you in church.

Soli Deo Gloria!
Pastor Bob

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