March 7, 2020

Dear Friends,

Two quick reminders as we prepare for our time together tomorrow.

First, this. You can set the clocks ahead now if you’d like. Don’t forget.
Here’s the second reminder.

You may have heard there is a bug going around.

When I went to Home Depot this morning, I saw that their workshops for March have all be cancelled. People are taking precautions to protect themselves from Covid-19. And that’s good. There’s a lot the doctors and scientists don’t know yet about the Coronavirus. While we’re learning, it’s best to be safe.

What does that mean for us? I asked our in-house infectious disease physician, Dr. John Dietrich, for his thoughts. Here’s the Reader’s Digest version: treat it like the flu for now. If you’re having any symptoms, stay home. Wash your hands a lot. Use sanitizer a lot. Stuff like that.

So instead of greeting one another with a holy kiss or a side hug tomorrow, we’ll greet each other with head nods or, for the more adventurous among us, fist or elbow bumps.

Right now according to the Centers for Disease Control, there are no reported cases of Covid-19 in Arkansas. Here’s the current map:

So as we gather tomorrow, just be alert. Even if you’re not particularly concerned, know that others might be, and be respectful of that. If a greeter doesn’t shake your hand at the front door, there’s a reason why. In fact, you may want to let the greeter hold the door for you!

Stay healthy. Go to be earlier than usual. And we’ll see you a little before 10:00 am DST tomorrow!

Soli Deo Gloria!
Pastor Bob

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