September 5, 2019

Dear Friends,

So, I don’t know what you thought as you left church last Sunday, but I left thinking “that was a pretty special morning.”

We still have a few things to figure out and to get right as we move forward, but for a first Sunday in a new space, it felt like home – apart from trying to figure out where each of us wants our new worship center seats to be!

As we get ready for week #2 and our dedication service this Sunday morning, we want to be prepared to welcome old friends who are traveling to celebrate this event with us and new friends who will be coming to check us out. As we think together about this Sunday, here are some ways we can make the morning and the afternoon a memorable day.

1. Plan once again to arrive ahead of time. It was great to see so many people arriving at church this past Sunday 10-15 minutes before the service began. Let’s do that again!

2. Come in as few cars as possible. Our parking lot was full. We’re making plans to park people on the grass this week. And in the afternoon, if we run out of space in the lot and along the road, we’re looking at shuttling people back and forth from the parking lot at David O Dodd Elementary school. For those who are able, let’s park on the grass first and leave as much room as we can for guests to park on the pavement. We’re planning to have cones out to show you where it’s okay to park on the grass.

3. In the worship center, lets plan to sit in the center of the rows. We may add a center aisle to our seating plan once we get past the first few weeks. But we think we might need all the chairs we have this week. As someone who loves sitting on the aisle, I know it can feel a little claustrophobic to move to the middle of the row. And I promise not to judge any aisle sitters. But let’s make as much space as possible for our guests.

4. I love to see our elementary and pre-school kids having fun after the service is over, running and playing with each other. And I hope before long, we’ll have some better places where they can run and play. But for now, we need to keep them off the platform and out of the kitchen before and after the service. Maybe parents can coach their kids that running needs to happen outside the building, not inside.

5. We know we still have work to do on the building. We’re starting to make a list of upgrades and improvements. We’re looking at ways to make some of our rooms a little less noisy (area rugs or other kinds of acoustic treatment). We need to furnish our church offices. Still hoping to eventually add a playground area. And a lot more. If you have ideas or thoughts, pass them along to Matt or me or any of the elders. And start praying now that God will provide the funds we’ll need so we can move forward with the needed improvements (and by the way, thanks to all the folks who have helped with nursery and children’s needs by buying items that were on Mrs. Jen’s Amazon Wish List! There are still a few items left if you’re in a shopping mood!).

6. Regarding Sunday afternoon and evening – The inflatables are reserved. The Corky’s Barbeque is ordered (enough to feed 350). We’ll have plenty of bottled water available. We know it’s going to be hot! So dress cool. For those who need to get out of the heat, the church will be open. If you arrive and it looks like our neighbors all decided to come check things out, plan to wait until the visitors have eaten before you get your plate of food.

7. To help get you ready for Justin Unger’s time with us this Sunday, here’s a link to a song that he’ll be teaching us at the end of our service (one of my favorite Justin Unger songs).

These are indeed exciting days for our church. But I believe our most exciting days are ahead. I believe God is going to use Redeemer to help fulfill His purposes in our lives, in our city and around the world. I believe in just a few years, as we look back on these days, we’ll smile and say “Remember when we moved in? We had no idea what God was about to do…”

The month of September is the time when we crank up our small groups again. I know many of the groups have met occasionally over the summer. But starting the week of September 15, all the groups will be back in full swing (including two new groups – one in Saline County!).

Here’s the info about small groups this fall.

If you’re not currently part of a small group, let me encourage you to plan to visit one or more of the groups during September. Find the group that feels like a fit for you. If you visit one and don’t stick, that’s okay – no one will be offended! But we believe small groups are an essential part of how we love and serve each other at Redeemer. Small Groups are where the “one anothers” in the Bible get lived out (love one another, pray for one another, encourage one another, bear one another’s burdens, etc.). It’s the “life on life” part of what it means to be a church.

If you have any questions about small groups, send Matt Gurney an email –

If you’d like to look ahead at what’s planned for this fall at Redeemer, here’s the calendar for the next few months. Some exciting stuff happening!

If you’d like to download and print a copy of the calendar, you can download it by clicking here.

Our friends Chris and Sandy Bakke will be in church this Sunday. And they wanted me to let you know that everyone is invited to join them in Texas later this month for a very special event:

So if you were looking for a nice weekend getaway this month in the Texas Hill Country, here’s your excuse.

A couple of prayer items to share with you this week.

Heidi Whitman’s mother passed away today. Pray for Heidi and her family as they grieve and as they gather for the memorial service.

And Curtis Thomas will have an out patient procedure done on Friday to repair a crack in one of his vertebrae. Pray for a successful procedure and a speedy recovery.

As we saw last week, God has replaced the tabernacles and temples from the Old Testament with new, living temples. We are now God’s temples and He is present with us by His Holy Spirit. This week, we’ll look at what it means for us to be “living stones” in God’s house.

See you Sunday!

Soli Deo Gloria!
Pastor Bob

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