Sermons by Bob Lepine (Page 2)

Sermons by Bob Lepine (Page 2)

Tabernacles and tools

Our first sermon in our new building highlighting God’s plan for His people, not a building to be where He truly lives.

John’s Postscript

Nearing the very end of John’s letter, he continues to solidify and concentrate his arguments against the false teachers and to give more assurance of salvation to his hearers.

John’s Closing Argument

John in some of his final words begins to sum up all he wants his hearers to know and be assured of in their confidence in belonging to Christ.

Test the spirits

The next installment in our study through John’s first letter examining how to be assured we belong to Christ and what are the true measuring sticks for it. This sermon looked at how to be discerning of good and evil spirits.

Love and hate and jesus

The next sermon in our sermon series in 1 John. Today we looked at the importance of Gospel love to show the world the love of Christ.

Our new status in christ

The next sermon in our sermon series through 1 John looking at how the love of God through Christ at the cross transforms our lives and hopes.

Coach John’s Game Plan

The next installment in our sermon series in 1 John comparing what a life that loves the world looks like to a life devoted to loving and following God.

Coach John Calls a Timeout

The next installment in our series in 1 John looking at John’s encouragement amidst all of his challenges to the struggles in the church.

Reprioritizing Your Life

The sixth installment in our series in 1 John looking at how we can truly know that we know God by examining ourselves and asking difficult questions of ourselves and hearing from others.

Whatever Became of Sin

The next installment in our sermon series in first John looking at the importance of knowing and confessing sin initially and regularly for a great relationship with God.

The First Easter Sermon

For Easter 2019 we looked at Peter’s first sermon on the day of Pentecost to see what Easter and the resurrection are really about.

God is light

A sermon from our series in 1 John to help the church see and know what it means that God is light and how to walk in the light with Him on a daily basis.

The Path to joy

This sermon focuses on the key theological ideas in the letter of 1 John that will be brought up and delved into throughout the letter and the sermon series.

A Portrait of John

An overview to lay the groundwork for where the series will be going looking at the life of John and the transformation that God did in him from the testimony of the Gospels.

Crossing the Painline

The last sermon in our series on the parables of Jesus looking at how we must know and persist in faith knowing that people won’t always receive us well when we share the Gospel.

The Ten Bridesmaids

The fifth installment in our series on Jesus’ parables entitled the Stories Jesus Told looking at how to be ready for the return of Jesus and how to wait well on that great and terrible day.