Sermons from August 2022

Sermons from August 2022

You Have Heard It Said

This stand alone sermon from the beatitudes in Matthew chapter 5 reminds us of how we are called to live as citizens of God’s Kingdom which runs counter to much of the world.

Psalm 85: Revive Us O Lord

The last sermon in our summer series through the Psalms focusing on how Psalm 85 teaches us that God wants each of us to find joy, hope, and real life only in him even through the most difficult times and circumstances.

Psalm 19: Two Witnesses and a Verdict Part 2

The second sermon on Psalm 19 from our series Bless the Lord Oh My Soul: Seeing Jesus in the Psalms focusing on the end of the psalm looking at how the revelation of God’s Word is supremely valuable, convicting, and assuring.

Psalm 19: 2 Witnesses and A Verdict Part 1

The next sermon in our series through the Book of Psalms looking at how God reveals Himself through creation and even more through His Word with the purpose of showing us His saving purposes in Christ.