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Redeemer Community Church 11512 David O’Dodd Rd Little Rock, AR 72206 ___________________ Mailing Address: P.O. Box 26677 Little Rock, AR 72221

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New Sermons

A Preview of Coming Attractions

The next sermon in our ongoing series Encountering Jesus through John’s Gospel focusing on the resurrection of Lazarus as a preview for Jesus’ soon resurrection and ours that is to come.

Going to the House of Mourning with Good News

The next sermon in our series Encountering Jesus through John’s Gospel focusing on the middle of chapter 11 and looking at how we are to bring our griefs to God as our only source of comfort and healing.

Church Blog

July 14, 2021

Dear Friends, We live in a world that has figured out how to monetize fear and anxiety.  Whether you’re checking your Twitter feed, watching cable news, or listening to podcasts or talk radio, you are in contact with people whose job it is to get you to keep watching, keep listening or keep clicking.  And if they’ve learned anything in the past five years, it’s that we are people who are prone to pay attention and stay engaged when we…

July 6, 2021

Dear Friends, In my lifetime, people have begun paying particular attention to the church going habits of American Presidents.  At age four, I was still too young to know about the debate that was taking place in 1960 regarding Senator Kennedy’s Roman Catholicism.   Might his faith, some wondered aloud, lead him to place his allegiance to papal authority ahead of his allegiance to the constitution?  The first election where I was old enough to vote featured a Georgia Governor who…

June 30, 2021

Dear Friends, At the end of Genesis 2, just before the serpent shows, the Bible makes an interesting statement about the newly married man and woman.  They were both naked.  And they were not ashamed. What an interesting note.  We might expect to read “the man and the woman were so happy and so in love.”  Or “the man and the woman couldn’t wait to see what God had for them next.”  Instead, we’re told that neither of them had…

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Jesus talked more about money than almost any other subject in the Bible. He said, “Where your treasure is, your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). That means we declare something to be truly important when we invest our money in it.

Everything we have belongs to God. He has entrusted us to be good stewards and to invest our resources – our time, our talents and our treasure – wisely. It is a privilege to be God’s instruments on earth and take the good news of Jesus to a broken, hurting world.

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