Jul 30, 2021

Gun Lap: Men’s Summer Book Study

The “Gap Lap” book study is for men who are getting closer to running their last lap. Or maybe younger men who are looking ahead to their gun lap, but want to live the rest of their lives with purpose and strength. There is also a podcast connected to the book that you can listen to each week as you get ready for the study. More details to follow. Leader: Jim McMurry Fridays 10:00am Begins 6.04.21 – Ends mid-August More…
Sep 7, 2021

First Tuesday – MEN’S GATHERING

Facilitator: Bob Lepine September 7 ~ Dr. Stephen Nichols Our first First Tuesday will be all about how we can honor God and be successful in the area where most of our time and attention is spent each week – our jobs.  The interview that night will be with Dr. Stephen Nichols, the President of the Reformation Bible College in Sanford, Florida.  He’ll join us via Zoom.  Stephen has written a booklet on this subject that is part of the bibliography…