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At Redeemer we believe local church membership is the visible expression of the invisible work of God in the life of His followers. Membership in a local church is essentially a pledge or a commitment not to an organization or an institution, but to other people, to be “members of one another” (Rom. 12:5). Individuals wishing to join RCC must be people who have surrendered their lives to Jesus, and who are committed to one another, to God’s Word, to worship, and to the mission of the church.

If you’re thinking about joining Redeemer, before you decide — we want you to know exactly what it means to join, what you can expect as a member, and what is required when you join. We regularly host an informational meeting about church membership, and everyone is welcome to check us out. There is no obligation to become a member, even after attending the class.

Three steps to take before becoming a member:​

STEP 1: starting point

Download Starting Point, the RCC membership booklet (Click here to download). This booklet corresponds to the videos you will need to watch. Please note that the page numbers referenced on the video do not always correspond to the page numbers in this document. Minor revisions were made to Starting Point which did not impact the videos. This will not affect your ability to follow the booklet along with the videos.

Please bring this booklet with you to your scheduled Membership Meeting and your completed Membership Application if you have made the decision to join.

The booklet includes our:

  • Doctrinal Statement
  • Constitution
  • Commitment to Preserving Marriages
  • Commitment to Caring for Our Children
  • Commitment to Biblical Counseling & Confidentiality
  • Commitment to Accountability & Church Discipline
  • Membership Application


There are six membership sessions with corresponding videos that we ask you to watch. Before you attend the membership meeting, please view the first 4 membership videos (roughly 20 min. each). We will watch the last 2 videos together in the membership class.

  • Session 1: The RCC Story. The history, vision and distinctives of RCC. Watch video 1
  • Session 2: The Core. What we believe and teach as a church. Watch video 2
  • Session 3: Doing Life Together. What community looks like at RCC. Watch video 3
  • Session 4: Shalom. Living in a culture of peace and peacemaking. Watch video 4
  • Session 5: Send, pray, go or disobey. Participating in the mission of the church. (Viewed at Membership Meeting).
  • Session 6: Members of one another. What a commitment to membership means. (Viewed at Membership Meeting).

Reading these books & viewing these videos are an essential part of the membership process. Please make it a priority to read the books and view the first four videos prior to attending the Prospective Membership Meeting


This will be an informal time to enjoy morning coffee with a few of our elders, hear their testimonies, watch the final two membership videos, ask questions, learn more about the meaning of church membership and decide if this is the right time for you. This meeting takes place on a Saturday morning between 9:00am - 11:30am.


If you decide to join, a final interview with two elders will be scheduled. During this time, you will share the story of your spiritual journey with the elders who will also answer any additional questions you might have. Once you fulfill the requirements of membership and sign the covenant, you are considered a Redeemer Covenant Member.


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