Ken and Ruth Ann Wells

Ken and Ruth Ann Wells

Serving since 2014 with Italian Ministries (IM)

We work among the Friulani – a segment of the Italian population located in the extreme north and noted for their closed-community mentality, strong work ethic and “i loro modi blasfeme” (“their blasphemous ways”). Many are openly proud of this latter ‘distinctive’.

Udine, Italy is a city in northeastern Italy between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps less than 25 miles from the Slovenian border.


To make disciples through conversion, Biblical instruction and modeling the Christian life. Our time is divided between distributing gospel tracts in the morning, various types of evangelistic meetings in the afternoon and teaching Bible studies in the evening. We have also trained the members of our church-plant in Udine to do evangelism. As mother-tongue English speakers we provide free ESL classes in various settings as a means of meeting new people.

With less than .05 of 1% confessing evangelicals, the region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia continues to be regarded as one of the most difficult places in the world for the gospel to take root. Often referred to as ‘the graveyard for missionaries’, patience is required. ‘Faithfulness to the mission’, rather than ‘much visible fruit’ is often the parameter by which we encourage one another as we wait on the Lord to produce true converts.