Sermons from July 2023

Sermons from July 2023

By Faith: The Legacy of Faith

The fifth sermon in our series By Faith through Hebrews Chapter 11 looking at the faith of Abraham again and seeing how he trusted through difficulty, believed in the resurrection, and left a legacy of faith for all that came after him.

By Faith: Faith Looking Forward

The fourth sermon in our series By Faith through Hebrews chapter 11 looking at how true faith in Christ is focused on him, his promises, and the true country we are promised and heading toward.

By Faith: God Pleasing Faith

The second sermon in our series By faith going through Hebrews chapter 11 to continue understanding the importance and imperatives of walking by faith daily.

By Faith

The first in a new series through Hebrews chapter 11 with this one focusing on defining what real faith is and what is expected for and from it.