Sermons on 2 Timothy

Sermons on 2 Timothy

Keeping The Faith

The next sermon in our series through Jude looking at God’s call through the writer to contend (without being contentious) for the once for all faith and what that’s all about.

Entrusted with The Gospel

This stand alone sermon marks the end of Bob’s sabbatical toward the end of summer 2023 and shows us why we are to be poured into and how to pour out into others for the sake of the Gospel and the spread of God’s glory.

The Conclusion of the Matter

This stand alone sermon following our men’s retreat in 2023 looks at the wisdom of enjoying this life in it’s proper perspective that seeks your heart to not pursue this world as ultimate.

Selected Scriptures_Me-ism

This stand alone sermon looks at how the world has changed to be more about me and my needs than being concerned with what God wants from His Word and what others need.

Should this Story Be In My Bible?

The next installment in our sermon series Encountering Jesus from John’s Gospel that looks at the truthfulness of Scripture and why we can trust it even in disputes.