Sermons on Luke

Sermons on Luke

A Parable About Coveting

The next sermon in our series More Stories Jesus Told looking at the warnings Jesus gave against desiring what others have and how to be content with what the Lord gives each day.

A Parable ABout Prayer

The next sermon in our summer series More Stories Jesus Told focusing on the call to persistently go to God in prayer rightly understanding who He is as both Lord and good Father from Luke’s Gospel.

What Do we Do about Jesus

This is the next sermon in our series Encountering Jesus through John’s Gospel focusing on the hard hearted disbelief that keeps us from Spiritual awakening to the truth and transforming power of the resurrection.

Longing For Joy

The third sermon in our Advent 2020 series Longing for… looking at where true joy at Christmas and any time is truly found.

Longing for Peace

The second sermon in our Advent series in 2020 focusing on what gives us real peace with God and with others.

Render Unto Caesar

Part 1 of a 3 part series on being a kingdom minded Christian amidst chaotic and turbulent political times.


This is our sermon from Palm Sunday 2020 to teach us what real salvation means. Luke 19:28-40

Glad Tidings of Great Joy

A fresh look at the old story of Jesus’ birth and the joy and goodness he brings to the world through his life, death, and resurrection.

Crossing the Painline

The last sermon in our series on the parables of Jesus looking at how we must know and persist in faith knowing that people won’t always receive us well when we share the Gospel.

Are you a pharisee?

Sermon #4 in our series on parables. This one looks at how the Gospel compels us into celebrations of His grace, into his mission, and away from self-righteous rule-keeping.