Gospel of Luke

Gospel of Luke

Take Care

Seeing and hearing rightly, that is understanding how Jesus has revealed himself to us, is the key to your relationship to him.

Faith healer

What is faith healing? Is it real? What is its purpose and reality? Part of our sermon series in the book of Luke.

Who Then is This?

Have you ever been truly afraid? How did you deal with it? What does Jesus have to do with calming our fears? A sermon in our Luke series showing how the greatness of Jesus can assuage our fears.

How’s the fruit?

A sermon looking at how to live a fruitful life of following Jesus and honoring him in all things.

Right Foundation

Examining how to build your life on and follow the ways that Jesus and His Word calls you to.

Take Care

A sermon from our series in Luke 8:16-18 about seeing and hearing Jesus rightly.
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