the Primary Objective

This stand alone sermon in January of ’23 to show us that Jesus priority in and through his life was to show his power and ability to forgive sins of rebellious people.

How to Live Faithfully

This stand alone sermon from our guest speaker looks at how Ephesians 2 shows us how to live faithfully according to God’s Word.

Finding Comfort

This stand alone sermon on Labor Day weekend 2023 to see the comfort wants each of us to have if we find daily surrender to His plan.

Entrusted with The Gospel

This stand alone sermon marks the end of Bob’s sabbatical toward the end of summer 2023 and shows us why we are to be poured into and how to pour out into others for the sake of the Gospel and the spread of God’s glory.

Psalm 32: The Forgiven Life

This stand alone sermon from Psalm 32 teaches each of us the power of God’s forgiveness through Christ that leads to blessing, confession, deliverance, and guidance.

REvive us Oh Lord

This stand alone sermon in the early Spring of 2023 in the midst of all the supposed and genuine revivals to see what real revival is like and how we should handle it and long for it.

Selected Scriptures_Me-ism

This stand alone sermon looks at how the world has changed to be more about me and my needs than being concerned with what God wants from His Word and what others need.

Hidden in Christ

This stand alone sermon to start off the new year in 2023 looks at how the Gospel changes everything about us and continues to grow us into people who look more and more like Jesus.

Christmas EVe 2022

This stand alone sermon was the last for 2022 as we hope for the light of Christ to dawn in our hearts once again.

Don’t Harden your Heart

This stand alone sermon examining the call on our lives from Hebrews 3 to hear God’s voice daily to fight hard heartedness and to find deep soul rest in Christ.

You Have Heard It Said

This stand alone sermon from the beatitudes in Matthew chapter 5 reminds us of how we are called to live as citizens of God’s Kingdom which runs counter to much of the world.

Selected Scriptures on Marriage: Three Best Practices

This stand alone sermon on the day before Valentine’s Day 2022, focusing on the importance in marriage and all relationships of extravagant love, generous forgiveness, and enthusiastic encouragement all rooted in the person and work of Christ.

Building on A Solid Foundation

This stand alone sermon from Colossians 2 looks at the foundation that Jesus creates in each of our lives through his life, death, and resurrection that causes us to daily walk in him just as we received him.

The Christ of Christmas

This stand alone sermon from the day after Christmas 2021 reminds us that the Christ who was born as a vulnerable baby is the unchanging, supreme king of the Universe today and every day.

Let There Be Light

Selected Scriptures on the difference Jesus coming and those following him makes in each of us and in the world for those that truly trust Him.