Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

A stand-alone sermon on the importance of standing up for the lives of the unborn children and helping women in places of vulnerability.

Glad Tidings of Great Joy

A fresh look at the old story of Jesus’ birth and the joy and goodness he brings to the world through his life, death, and resurrection.

How to be a living stone

Dedication Sunday in our new building starting off with the reminder that the Lord does not dwell in places built by human hands but in the hearts and lives of his redeemed people.

Tabernacles and tools

Our first sermon in our new building highlighting God’s plan for His people, not a building to be where He truly lives.

The First Easter Sermon

For Easter 2019 we looked at Peter’s first sermon on the day of Pentecost to see what Easter and the resurrection are really about.

The Eyes of Faith

This stand-alone sermon helped us to see what real faith believes and produces in times of blessing and difficulty.

The 3 Advents

A sermon closing out our season of Advent 2018 looking at the importance of connecting Christ’s first coming, second coming, and the in-between work he does in our lives.

Avoiding a Hard Heart

A sermon on encouraging one another away from sin and hardness of heart.

Depending on God no Matter the Circumstance

A look at how Elijah stood against Ahab amidst intense persecution and opposition but only when he came to the end of himself, did he look only to God for salvation and hope.

First Anniversary Share time

On the first anniversary of Redeemer Community Church, the congregation had the opportunity to share what God has done in them by being a part of this fellowship at it’s beginning.
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