Sermons by Matt Gurney

Sermons by Matt Gurney

By Faith Successful FAITH

The final sermon in our series By faith through Hebrews chapter 11 looking this week at how to run the race God has for each of us with joy, keeping our eyes on Jesus.

By Faith: Enduring Faith

The sixth sermon in our series By Faith through Hebrews chapter 11 seeing our need for endurance of faith from the conflicts in Moses’ life and in our own.

By Faith: Faith Looking Forward

The fourth sermon in our series By Faith through Hebrews chapter 11 looking at how true faith in Christ is focused on him, his promises, and the true country we are promised and heading toward.

By Faith: God Pleasing Faith

The second sermon in our series By faith going through Hebrews chapter 11 to continue understanding the importance and imperatives of walking by faith daily.

Don’t Harden your Heart

This stand alone sermon examining the call on our lives from Hebrews 3 to hear God’s voice daily to fight hard heartedness and to find deep soul rest in Christ.

A Parable of the Gracious Kingdom

The next sermon in our series More Stories Jesus Told focusing on Jesus’ warnings to his disciples and us to look at life with the lenses of grace rather than the lenses of fairness as He is the only right judge for who is rewarded in his kingdom.

Why Dads Matter

A stand alone sermon for Father’s Day 2021 on the importance of fathers who follow Jesus and take their cues on fatherhood from God the Father.

Jesus the True Shepherd

The next sermon in our series in John’s Gospel focusing on the beginning of chapter 10 about the true shepherd who cares for his sheep and provides entrance into His kingdom.

Longing for Hope

The first sermon in our series called Longing for… In this first installment, we will look at how to find real, lasting hope in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Gospel Centered Suffering

Pastor Matt shares how his family has been learning and discovering about God, about faith, about themselves and about facing the unexpected together as they’ve been walking a path they never anticipated.

Add to your Faith Godliness

Do you think of yourself as a godly person? Would other people describe you that way? Or does that idea maybe sound presumptuous? In 2 Peter, we’re told that godliness is one characteristic we should add to our faith. But what exactly does that mean?

Add to your faith knowledge

The second sermon in a new series at the start of 2020 looking at the many ways all Christians can grow in fruitfulness and effectiveness in living for the glory of Christ.

Gospel Confidence

The next sermon in our series through 1 John focusing on the confidence the Gospel gives to believers to know the love and presence of God for all who confess Him as Lord.

Are you a pharisee?

Sermon #4 in our series on parables. This one looks at how the Gospel compels us into celebrations of His grace, into his mission, and away from self-righteous rule-keeping.
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