Sermons on Authority

Sermons on Authority

Should this Story Be In My Bible?

The next installment in our sermon series Encountering Jesus from John’s Gospel that looks at the truthfulness of Scripture and why we can trust it even in disputes.

The Dividing Line is Drawn

The next sermon in our ongoing series Encountering Jesus through John’s Gospel looking at how people responded to Jesus in the Bible and how many of us respond to Him today.

Keep the Law or Follow Jesus

The next sermon in our ongoing sermon series Encountering Jesus from the Gospel of John looking at the difference between trying to earn God’s love or surrendering to God’s love in the Gospel.

John 5:16-29 – The Persecution of Jesus Begins

We are in John 5 looking at how Jesus responded to charges from the Jewish authorities in His day that He was teaching people to violate God’s law. We’ll see why His response made the leaders so angry with Jesus that they wanted to see Him dead.

The Best Man takes a step back

In our continuing study of John’s Gospel, we are looking at John the Baptist perspective on who Jesus really is and how he must increase and we all must decrease.