Sermons on Christ

Sermons on Christ

What Good Shepherds Do

The next sermon in our Encountering Jesus series through John’s Gospel examining Jesus’ contrasting the false shepherds and Himself as the Good Shepherd.

Jesus the True Shepherd

The next sermon in our series in John’s Gospel focusing on the beginning of chapter 10 about the true shepherd who cares for his sheep and provides entrance into His kingdom.

The Dividing Line is Drawn

The next sermon in our ongoing series Encountering Jesus through John’s Gospel looking at how people responded to Jesus in the Bible and how many of us respond to Him today.

Could This Be the Christ

The next installment in our Encountering Jesus sermon series from John’s Gospel looking at the ways people try to make Jesus what they want him to be.

Nowhere Else to Go

The next sermon in our Encountering Jesus series from John’s Gospel looking at the closing section of chapter 6.

John 5:16-29 – The Persecution of Jesus Begins

We are in John 5 looking at how Jesus responded to charges from the Jewish authorities in His day that He was teaching people to violate God’s law. We’ll see why His response made the leaders so angry with Jesus that they wanted to see Him dead.

Add to your faith self-control

The third sermon in a new series at the start of 2020 looking at the many ways all Christians can grow in fruitfulness and effectiveness in living for the glory of Christ.

The word became Flesh

The next installment in our new series through the Gospel of John looking at who Jesus really is and how we can know him.

Are you a pharisee?

Sermon #4 in our series on parables. This one looks at how the Gospel compels us into celebrations of His grace, into his mission, and away from self-righteous rule-keeping.

Parables of the Kingdom

The sixth installment in our sermon series on the parables of Jesus looking at the wheat and the tares, the leaven and mustard seed, and the hidden treasure and pearl of great price to see what the kingdom really looks like.

Imprecatory Psalm

An examination of what to do with hard sayings in Scripture and what to look forward to in Christ.

Wisdom Psalm

A look at how to have wisdom according to God and what it means to walk in wisdom.
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