Sermons on Faith

Sermons on Faith

Keeping The Faith

The next sermon in our series through Jude looking at God’s call through the writer to contend (without being contentious) for the once for all faith and what that’s all about.

Jesus’ Cure for A Troubled heart

The next sermon in our series Encountering Jesus from John’s Gospel focusing on the beginning of Chapter 14 to see how Jesus gives us rest from our troubles and anxieties.

Jesus in the Dock

The next sermon in our series through John’s Gospel looking at the growing controversy and doubt over who Jesus really was and how that impacts many today as well.

Gospel Centered Suffering

Pastor Matt shares how his family has been learning and discovering about God, about faith, about themselves and about facing the unexpected together as they’ve been walking a path they never anticipated.

Time for Dinner

The next sermon in our Encountering Jesus series through John’s Gospel that looks at chapter 6 and what are we coming to Jesus for.

Exposure and Encourage

The next installment in our sermon series in 1 John looking at how to examine false teaching and to be encouraged to truly follow Jesus as found in Scripture.

Coach John’s Game Plan

The next installment in our sermon series in 1 John comparing what a life that loves the world looks like to a life devoted to loving and following God.

Coach John Calls a Timeout

The next installment in our series in 1 John looking at John’s encouragement amidst all of his challenges to the struggles in the church.

Reprioritizing Your Life

The sixth installment in our series in 1 John looking at how we can truly know that we know God by examining ourselves and asking difficult questions of ourselves and hearing from others.

God is light

A sermon from our series in 1 John to help the church see and know what it means that God is light and how to walk in the light with Him on a daily basis.

A Portrait of John

An overview to lay the groundwork for where the series will be going looking at the life of John and the transformation that God did in him from the testimony of the Gospels.

The Eyes of Faith

This stand-alone sermon helped us to see what real faith believes and produces in times of blessing and difficulty.

Who Then is This?

Have you ever been truly afraid? How did you deal with it? What does Jesus have to do with calming our fears? A sermon in our Luke series showing how the greatness of Jesus can assuage our fears.

Esther’s Audition

A look at the compromises we can all make a drawing from the example of Esther in the Persian culture.