Sermons on God's Word

Sermons on God's Word

Don’t Harden your Heart

This stand alone sermon examining the call on our lives from Hebrews 3 to hear God’s voice daily to fight hard heartedness and to find deep soul rest in Christ.

All Truth

The next sermon in our series Encountering Jesus through John’s Gospel focusing on the middle of chapter 16 and seeing how the Spirit of God leads us into all the truth of God’s Word.

Psalm 19: Two Witnesses and a Verdict Part 2

The second sermon on Psalm 19 from our series Bless the Lord Oh My Soul: Seeing Jesus in the Psalms focusing on the end of the psalm looking at how the revelation of God’s Word is supremely valuable, convicting, and assuring.

If You Really Loved me

The next sermon in our series Encountering Jesus through John’s Gospel seeing the priority of coming glory over comfort, the truth and reliability of God’s Word, and what rightly motivates our obedience.

Longing For Joy

The third sermon in our Advent 2020 series Longing for… looking at where true joy at Christmas and any time is truly found.

John 5: 31-47 – Compelling Witnesses and Unbelief

It’s one thing for Jesus to make the claim that He and His Father are one. It’s another thing for Him to be able to cite witnesses who are able to substantiate that claim. We’ll examine the testimony of the witnesses Jesus cites as proof that He is God. And we’ll see why even with credible witnesses giving credible testimony, the Jewish leaders in Jesus day still refused to believe His claim.

Add to your faith knowledge

The second sermon in a new series at the start of 2020 looking at the many ways all Christians can grow in fruitfulness and effectiveness in living for the glory of Christ.

What type of soil is your heart?

The third installment in our Stories Jesus Told series looking at what kind of heart is needed for Gospel receptivity from Jesus’ parable of the sower and soils.