Sermons on Heart

Sermons on Heart


The next sermon in our series Contending for the Faith through Jude’s letter and focusing on evaluating whether our lives are living up to false standards and false teaching.

The Trial of jesus: Part 1

The next sermon in our series Encountering Jesus through John’s Gospel focusing on the middle of chapter 18 and looking at how the corruption of heart that the leaders had in Jesus’ day is still alive and present in our lives today.

You Have Heard It Said

This stand alone sermon from the beatitudes in Matthew chapter 5 reminds us of how we are called to live as citizens of God’s Kingdom which runs counter to much of the world.

Render Unto Caesar

Part 1 of a 3 part series on being a kingdom minded Christian amidst chaotic and turbulent political times.

What type of soil is your heart?

The third installment in our Stories Jesus Told series looking at what kind of heart is needed for Gospel receptivity from Jesus’ parable of the sower and soils.