Sermons on Joy

Sermons on Joy

Jesus Prays For Us

The next sermon in our series Encountering Jesus through John’s Gospel looking at the end of the high priestly prayer of Jesus to see how he wants us to be centrally united to each other and to him forever.

You Will Have JOy

The next sermon in our series through John’s Gospel, Encountering Jesus, focusing this week on Chapter 16 and the true source of lasting joy is in Jesus by his Gospel and through the Holy Spirit.

Abide Part 6: Remain in my love

The next sermon in our series Encountering Jesus through John’s Gospel continuing to look at the first half of chapter 15. This week we are focusing on what abiding in God’s love looks like and what truly motivates an abiding relationship with Christ.

Abide Part 1: I am the Vine

The next sermon in our series, Encountering Jesus, continuing in John’s Gospel, focusing on the beginning of chapter 15 and examining the role of what it means for each of us to abide in Christ.

Longing For Joy

The third sermon in our Advent 2020 series Longing for… looking at where true joy at Christmas and any time is truly found.

Glad Tidings of Great Joy

A fresh look at the old story of Jesus’ birth and the joy and goodness he brings to the world through his life, death, and resurrection.

The Path to joy

This sermon focuses on the key theological ideas in the letter of 1 John that will be brought up and delved into throughout the letter and the sermon series.

Are you a pharisee?

Sermon #4 in our series on parables. This one looks at how the Gospel compels us into celebrations of His grace, into his mission, and away from self-righteous rule-keeping.